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Shkabaj is web portal serving Albanians around the globe. Since its launch on May 6, 2004 it has grown tremendously and continues to be one of the favourite web portals for many Albanians. Shkabaj was launched with the aim of providing an easy access to information and entertainment for a typical Albanian web user.

The content provided by Shkabaj continues to be enriched every day. In comparison to its early days, where the content was simply links to other sites, Shkabaj has grown to provide the ability to stay up to date with news and weather, the ability to watch Live TV, listen to Live Radios, post or browse classified ads, play games, and much more.

Shkabaj is one of the top visited Albanian websites. It has a large base of loyal visitors and growing number of new visitors. The demographics are very diverse.

In recent years Shkabaj has managed to establish partnerships with world renowned news agencies such as: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Deutsche Welle (DW) and Radio Free Europe (RFE/RL). Shkabaj has also established partnerships with national newspapers and news agencies such as: Gazeta Express and NOA. Furthermore, Shkabaj has partnered with a number of local radio stations in Kosovo such as: Radio Kosova e Lire, Radio Rinia, etc.

Shkabaj has been mentioned in the second edition of the book “Kosovo: The Bradt Travel Guide”. The Bradt Travel Guide is a well known publisher of travel guides.

Shkabaj was one of the first Albanian websites to offer a mobile version of its website. It has also been specifically tailored for smartphones running operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, and Blackberry. The mobile version can be accessed directly from www.shkabaj.mobi.domain.

On July 20, 2011, Shkabaj launched an app for iPhone (including support for retina display), iPad, and iPod devices. Shkabaj App has shown tremendous growth in very short time. The app can be found in Apple App Store by searching for “Shkabaj”. With the support of its visitors, Shkabaj will continue to enrich its content in the future.